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Stick Notes Me is an application that can be used to build prompt reminders for daily tasks using text, audio, drawing, or photo notes. And seize thoughts on the fly and utilize them on your Android and iPhone home screen.

Sticky Note Me is specially designed to help you to arrange your to-do list, task list, also reminders. Use Sticky Note Me to upgrade the traditional paper note by HANDWRITTEN or TEXT by draw or type or you can even easily add a PICTURE or RECORD YOUR AUDIO NOTES. You can use Sticky Note Me as your notebook & create grocery and shopping lists on the go. Put your intelligent ideas on a sticky image and easily share them on social media from now on. You can also swipe through the stickies for prompt navigation. And with the latest reminder feature, you will never forget a task.

Create Quick Notes

Create unlimited sticky notes in several colors & use the note appearance to make the stickies better. Use the application as a task manager & create a to-do checklist, shopping lists, or grocery lists, etc. You can Create quick daily notes or a memo by writing with digital ink using your finger. Sticky Note Me can be used to create your audio note by recording voice notes. Take a photo or select one from your Gallery to organize a photo note. You can make Sticky Note Me as your picture notebook.


You can Select & move a note to any of the custom folders and can make good notes & save them in Folders.

Sync with Different device:
You can access notes on iPhone,

Fix Reminders & Apply them as Wallpaper:
Fix alarm for your notes & stickies to prompt you regarding your checklist. Apply the note as wallpaper or lock screen image to quickly remind yourself concerning your to-do tasks with multi-colored stickies.

Personalize & Share:
Express your creativity with Stickies. Fix default sticky note appearance, font size & style. Personalize the background of the notice board. Follow the fully loaded text & draw toolbar with varied font styles, sizes, thickness plus appearances.

There's a 14-days free trial that comes along with the subscription packs.
StickNoteMe offers 3 subscription packages - Annual @ $19.99, Half-yearly @ $9.99, Monthly @ $1.99.

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